adventure: washington

my first stop on my usa adventure was vienna washington, where my grandmother wanted to visit her old friend. vienna was such a beautiful and refreshing place to stay, with tall magnificent houses, crisp cold awakening air and stunning trees.

13872416_1162190053847975_1995338926_nIn vienna my sister and i visited a few shopping malls and went for walks around the neighbour hood to get a feel of an american lifestyle. I found it interesting that most houses did not have fencing and were divided by shrubs and greenery. Also that americans drive on the opposite side of the road! how different.

On our third day we drove into the central of washington DC to go on a tour of the most monumental site. here are some photos of what we saw, it was absolutely breathtaking of all the detail put into these monuments and the tour guide was very informative and gave us an insight on past events in great detail.

on our fourth day we drove to the train station and aboard the train to NYC. stay tuned for my next post on me exploring new york for a day and a half.

I hope you enjoyed this post

-Si xx


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